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WHEREAS: The "SELLER" has complete and full authority to sell Gold Dust and Buyer is able and willing to purchase it, parties will be agreed to enter into this sale/purchase Contract, now therefore, the parties hereto, for and in consideration of the promises and undertaking described in this agreement, do hereby agree as follows;
1. The buyer will have to see the Gold Dust and test in any laboratory of his choice here in Mali.
2. Buyer will be responsible for the Government exportation charges and travelling expenses till buyer choice of Destination.
3. The Tax and all other expenses made by buyer will be deducted from the total cost of the Gold Dust payment.
4. The seller’s representative will carry the gold to buyer’s country or to choice of his destination Refinery where the payment will be made after final refining within 72hours but any quantity less than 50Kg will be cash payment on the spot after a preliminary assay test here in Mali.
5. Price for 1kg of Gold dust is $19,000usd per Kg (FOB) and $23,000 USD per kg of Dore Bars.

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